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BHV Mission, Vision and Values


To help each student strive to become a productive member of society, by developing his potential — spiritually, mentally, physically and socially.


A community that inspires young men to positively impact those around them.


Respect: Show consideration for others

  • Treat each person with dignity and worth
  • Accept others' differences
  • Actively listen
  • Honor privacy

Godly Life: Live a Christ-centered life

  • Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength
  • Love and serve others
  • Model kindness and compassion
  • Encourage others

Integrity: Do the right thing

  • Be truthful in word and deed
  • Demonstrate fairness and consistency
  • Take ownership of mistakes and learn from them
  • Be transparent

Accountability: Take responsibility for your actions

  • Live these values
  • Fulfill your obligations
  • Work to achieve goals
  • Respect boundaries