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With gift planning, you can provide long-lasting support for our organization while enjoying financial benefits for yourself.

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The Navigators
(Boys Home's Legacy Giving Club)

Welcome to "The Navigators" webpage!

Exclusive membership in The Navigators, our Legacy Giving Club, is offered to those stalwart donors, who include Boys Home in their estate plans. As a member, you will receive special recognition for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Unless you instruct us otherwise, your gift will be made part of our trust fund for the boys and will go on in perpetuity providing shelter, food, clothing, training and education to boys, who are on their way to becoming strong, just and respectful young men.

Since1906, Boys Home of Virginia has saved thousands of boys' lives. That would not have happened without families and individuals like you. Please remember: At Boys Home it all happens Because of you!

Through a bequest, trust, will or other planned giving instrument, the below listed individuals and families have taken bold, meaningful steps to safeguard Boys Home's future. They are listed alphabetically.

Membership of The Navigators of Boys Home

Why "Navigators?" Because they are the ones with the compasses; they are the ones leading the way!

Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Andrews
Mr. Frank Baxter & Roy Bowling
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Frederic T. Bockoven
Mrs. Martha Copenhaver
The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Robert Copenhaver
Mr. I. B. Dent
Mr. & Mrs. Paul X. English
Mrs. Dorothy Goodwin
Mrs. Joyce Grunewald
Mr. & Mrs. Carter H. Harrison
Mr. Larry Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Koch
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Lawson
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Lemmer
Mr. & Mrs. J. Forest Marshall
Mr. James Miller
Mrs. E. C. Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Moorman

Mrs. Pat Morrell
Mrs. Beckie T. Mullen
Mr. Monroe Nash
Dr. & Mrs. Jacob P. Neathawk, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy Nixon
Mr. Richard L. Nuckols
Mr. & Mrs. Larry E. Price
Mrs. Jane Richards
Mr. & Mrs. Len Slater
Mr. Donald M. Sutton, Sr.
The Rev. David H. Teschner
Mr. Edwin Watson
Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Donnie E. Wheatley
Mrs. David W. White
Mr. George W. Wilbur
Mr. & Mrs. G. Chandler Williams
Mrs. Margaret Woolwine

You do not need to be wealthy to establish a planned gift. All gifts, large and small, work together to support Boys Home. If you would like to enroll in The Navigators, or to learn more about planned gifts and how to make one, please contact Donnie Wheatley at 540-965-7704 or Peace of mind is a guaranteed byproduct of membership. Please contact us; it is easier than you may think!